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Ron D. Littlefield
Director of Operations
208-475-4985 ex.10

Hospitality has been in my blood since I started in the hotel industry in 1993.  Sports has been a big part of my life since the Washington Redskins played in Super Bowl XVIII, in 1983.  In 2010, I combined these two passions into SelectHospitality where everyday I get to work with collegiate sports programs and the hospitality industry.  We have built a great team and on a daily basis we remember that the only reason we are inbusiness is because our collegiate clients and travel partners allow us to be affiliated with them.  We look forward to making a great future for everyone involved with SelectHospitality!

Kelly Littlefield
Director of Collegiate Travel
208.475.4985 ex.12

Before joining SelectHospitality in 2013, I worked at a full service historic hotel for 25 years. I love sports, so being able to work with my coaches and teams from all over is exciting! I enjoy working with them and taking care of all their needs; hotels,catering, busses and flights! Contact me at any time; I'm ready to start working for you!

Andrew Gerhart
Group Flight Desk Consultant
208.475.4985 ex.11
I joined SelectHospitality in early 2016 and have had a great time working with our coaches and clients to get them on the cheapest and quickest flights to their travel destinations. I love the work environment we have here and enjoy working closely with all of my colleagues. In my free time you can find me traveling and exploring the great outdoors, whether  it's camping, hiking, or road tripping down along the West Coast. I look forward to helping you with all of your travel needs.
Savannah Goodale
Sports/Championship Manager
208.475.4985 ex.13
I joined the SelectHospitality team in Summer 2017 and have been loving my job ever since! I enjoy working with all my colleagues and having a positive, energetic work environment. I love being organized and helping others however I can. When I’m not working, I like to spend my time being creative; whether it’s drawing, scrapbooking, or singing, there’s never a dull moment. I am dedicated and ready to work for you!
Alyson Benkula
Director of Network Communications
208.475.4985 ex.14

I was born and raised in Twin Falls, ID but am currently residing in Boise, ID. On my free time you can find me hanging out with family and friends or outdoors doing just about anything from camping, four wheeling, fishing, hiking, etc. Early 2018 I moved to the Boise area to be closer to family and to provide better opportunities for myself, which led me to SelectHospitality. I have enjoyed working with great people and helping teams from all over with their travel needs. My favorite part about working at SelectHospitality is not only helping with travel needs but being able to create special bonds with our coaches, teams, and numerous hotel contacts. I am looking forward to expanding our teams and helping in any way that I can!

Jared Lubell
Sports Travel Consultant
208.475.4985 ex.15
Prior to joining the SelectHospitality team in 2018, I studied Sport Management at the University of Tennessee. My lifelong passion for sports and experience working in collegiate athletics inspired me to pursue a career in the sports travel industry. It is my priority to get to know my clients because every client is unique. I tailor my approach to each individual team to ensure that your needs are met and you receive exceptional service. I look forward to working with you and helping your team travel to its next destination!
Crystal Floyd
Travel Coordinator
208.475.4985 ex.17

After relocating to the Boise area, I joined the SelectHospitality team in Fall 2018. I enjoy working with our teams and helping them have positive travel experiences. During my free time, I like to read and go on adventures with my husband and children.

Jacob Olvera
Accounting Services
208.475.4985 ex.18
I joined SelectHospitality in fall 2018; I love the team environment we have here. I am currently attending Boise State University to get a Bachelor’s in Accounting. I enjoy what I do and how our team works together to be successful.





Heather Meyer
Technology and Marketing Advisor
From her beginnings with SelectHospitality in 2012, Heather has been a key member of the growth and development of all aspects of our operation.  From client development, growing our supplier network, marketing, web design and quality control, she has had a substantial impact on the success we have achieved.  While not involved with us on a day to day basis since August 2018, Heather still contributes as an adviser and will continue to be a part of key decisions as SelectHospitality moves into it’s second decade of service.